Mudgee NSW is a beautiful country destination popular for its wineries and vineyards. One of the top choices for foodies and wine enthusiasts. It has also made a name for itself for a variety of activities and events held throughout the year, from sports, food and music.

The destination is also now carving its name in family travel. With its large open areas, interesting variety of activities and great food it’s no wonder it is in the radar of parents with toddlers and children who are looking for great weekend experiences.

Planning a family holiday is not an easy task. There are different considerations to keep in mind – accommodation, food, transportation and most importantly what activities the family can do that are kids-friendly. This way, adults and the children will have equal share of fun.

Here are 8 activities you can do in Mudgee with kids

1. Go Horse Riding

Mudgee with Kids | Horse ride

The Mudgee Horse Riding Center offers relaxing horse rides around the beautiful Australian bush. Native wildlife, kangaroos, wombats and goannas are just some animals you may come across with during the ride. The center has ponies for children under 8 years old to ride, pat and brush. The center also offers riding lessons with prior booking and schedule. 

2. Ride miniature trains

Mudgee with Kids | Miniature Train

Mudgee Miniature Railway offers guests opportunity to ride their miniature trains. Open every 2nd Sunday of the month, the rains are open for public to try from 10am-2pm. 

The railway is a three and a half, and five inch gauge giving rides behind steam, petrol and electric powered miniature trains. All those boarding must wear enclosed shoes for safety reasons. It is operated and maintained by a non-profit organisation who are comprised of model Engineers and Enthusiasts dedicated to sharing their passion for all things railway with the local community.

3. Stargazing and watching the night sky

The Mudgee Observatory give guests opportunities to view the night sky as it’s meant to be viewed. A good variety of telescopes and binoculars are available for our visitors to use as well as conducted tours of the night sky. Look at the different stars and find constellations. Keep in mind through that telescope facilities are ideal for 7years old and up.

It has a theatre and flat screen planetarium that runs several features on the night sky and the Sun as well as many programs on space missions.

4. Drive around in Mudgee Trikes

Mudgee with Kids | Mudgee Trikes

Want to go a ride? Do it in style with Mudgee Trikes. These bikes are made to bring everyone in the family onboard. It offers chauffeured tours around Mudgee and its wineries as well as nearby Gulgong, Rhylestone and Kandos. If you want a more relaxed tour, they also have hourly rates to just cruise around and enjoy the sceneries and charming town vibe. An ideal option when touring around Mudgee with kids. Tours can be customized, so you can also ask them to take you to kid-friendly wineries.

5. Pick some cherries

Mudgee with Kids | Cherry Picking

A favorite family activity, pick-your-own fruit activities are available subject to seasonal climate. An orchard visit will let guests experience picking tree-ripened cherries, figs, and citrus fruits which they can pick on their own.

Mudgee has two orchards where families and children can pick fresh fruits. In November cherries are in season. Head to 10 Estate or Roth’s Family Orchard. The Roth’s prune their trees to keep them short to make picking easy and fun for children and adults. Cherries are best picked early morning as they stay fresh longer when picked while still cool – and it’s more fun for the pickers too!

6. Frolic at the Mudgee Water Park

Mudgee Waterpark

Kids will always be giddy and excited for slides and pools. Good thing there’s Mudgee Pool and Water Park. Located within close proximity to Mudgee CBD the water park includes a large water slide, rock pool, water spray platform, dumping bucket, spray cannons, jets and streams and caters for all children from, toddlers to young adults. Entrance fee is $5 for adults and $3 for children 2-16 years old.

Facilities also include change rooms, toilets, and showers. Picnic tables are available for use if you bring your own snacks and refreshments, otherwise there is on site cafe.

7. Meet and Feed Animals

Feed Animals Mudgee

One great way to entertain children is to get them to meet and feed animals. There are various ways to organize this. One is to stay in one of the farm accommodation in Mudgee. Some farms stays are as natural as it gets such as what Mudgee Getaway Cottages offer. Hand feed animals, cuddle rabbits, chase after chicken and get to know as much farm animals. They even have horses and ponies children can ride!

The other option is to join one of the farm walks, which is both fun and educational. Visit vineyards, feed animals, pick fruits and more. Tours vary and allows guests to visit two farms each tour. Make sure to ask which farms to visit prior to making arrangement. Ask for farm tours that come with options to feed animals. This will be a sure hit for toddlers and children.

8. Explore the Parks and Enjoy a Picnic in Mudgee with kids

Mudgee with Kids

Exhaust kids energy at the beautiful parks of Mudgee. Let the little ones run around, play and have fun on the ground as you enjoy time on the blanket with freshly baked bread, cheese, fruits and of course wine.

There are different options from the beautiful Lawson Park to vineyards and wineries like Bunnamagoo and Lowe Family Wine that have large lawns perfect for a downtime to enjoy a picnic and watch children play around. When they get hungry, there’s always pizza.

For more ideas on activities you can do in Mudgee with kids, check out Local Experiences. As well as other dining options and wine tasting options in cellar doors and vineyards.

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