Chic Mudgee Accommodations

Mudgee accommodation that are elevating experiences and challenging the norm.

There are places you go to and then there are places that stays with you. Such is the charm of Mudgee. It feels like a second home with all the wonderful treats.

Wine and Food aside, Mudgee’s diverse choices of accommodation has evolved throughout the years as more people discover this charming country destination. Addressing the needs of different guests and adapting with new lifestyle changes Mudgee’s accommodation is now as rich in options as its wines and storied past.

Dreamy Locations

When social media such as Instagram and Pinterest ruled the travel recommendation, it is all about aesthetics. Accommodations had to make their rooms, public spaces and even design new venues to look perfect for these channels.

A few favorites are Sierra Escape with its outdoor tub, Glynayr Farm with the perfect sunset overlooking the lake, and Bubbletent for a unique accommodation option. What they all have in common is a picture perfect location to rest after a long drive and indulge in Mudgee’s natural beauty.

Sierra Escape
Glynayr Farm

Exclusive and Off-Grid

The current pandemic disrupted the accommodation and hospitality the most and it will have lingering effect. Now, more than ever, travelers are looking into places that offer exclusivity, wide open spaces, and breath taking views. These are just some of the recent non-negotiable requirements to adapt to the new normal. 

Our favorite Mudgee accommodation that offers this is Tyalla Lodge, a modern aoasis for small groups and large families who like to travel within their bubble or sandbox. With multiple rooms and large common areas not to mention sweeping views of the nearby vineyard it’s a perfect home in Mudgee.

Another unique accommodation is Gawthorne’s Hut, an off-grid sustainable accommodation in the midst of a farm for that idealic country escape.

For a luxurious acccommodation a few minutes away from various cellar doors, there’s Wombadah, offering amazing views of the Cudgegong Valley.

Mudgee Hotel - Tyalla Lodge
Tyalla Lodge
Gawthorne's Hut

These accommodation options are just the tip of the iceberg with Mudgee’s wide selection of hotels, homesteads, villas, cabins, cottages and more. However they do represent some of the best eye-candy and travel inspiration. 

What’s your favorite from this list? 

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