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Finding the Perfect Hotel in Mudgee

To be able to sleep soundly at night after a long day of exploration is a luxury every tourist looks forward to in a Mudgee hotel when on a holiday. This, and all the frills that the accommodation provide to make its guests feel the character of the destination, tell the story of the hotel, create a cradle of comforts, and provide space for exploration.

So, how does one choose a hotel? Where should one stay? These questions daunt travelers most of the time and apart from the itinerary, is where travelers spend so much time researching on. So, we’ve list down four major considerations which can help you shortlist your options.

1. Location, Location, Location

Choose a location that will make it easy for you to access the destinations on your itinerary or direct and easy access to transportation systems that will get you to your various destinations on your list.

If you’re keen on walking around and exploring nearby places on foot, choose a hotel that is walking distance to the many cafes, restaurants, and shops in Mudgee CBD. There are also accommodation close to as number of cellar doors.

If you’re the type that likes to explore, choose one that makes a good hub to explore the various natural attractions.

2. Preference and Style

Mudgee offers a wide range and type of accommodation. Providing practical and reasonable choices for different types of travelers. If you’re looking for full service, choose traditional hotels. If you’re up for a homier feel with open grounds, barbecue grills and manicured gardens Mudgee has a great selection of home rentals, villas, and cottages. Then there are specialty accommodations offering quirky places with storied pasts housed in time-tested structures that were renovated to accommodate a limited number of guests. Then there’s are glamourous and luxury camping with large tents fitted with all the comforts one can want. Mudgee also has some amazing off-grid accommodations and camping sites where you can use their facilities or build your own tent.

3. Amenities and Features

Will having a pool, a restaurant on site be a deal breaker? Or would you rather have a fitted kitchen to cook your own meals from the fresh produce available in the area and just find your way around the many restaurants and cafes in Mudgee?

For families and groups, will having an area to gather around make the trip more convenient as well as having children’s facilities such as high chairs, microwave, etc?

Those who wish to travel with their pets, must consider accommodations that allow pets, this goes for tgheir itinerary as well. There are a number of pet-friendly Mudgee hotels, checkout out list too. Some may have some restrictions, so inform your accommodation or air bnb host prior to booking.

Parking space. For those driving to Mudgee and wants to easily move around a parking space is a convenient provision. Some offer complimentary covered or open parking.

4. Budget

Mudgee hotels come in different price points from budget to luxury so there’s always a price point to match any travel budget. From basic camping and backpacking to ultra-luxe accommodation, the region has it all. 

If you’re still looking at hotel and accommodation options in Mudgee, check-out some of the popular places through our accommodation list.

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