Mudgee Bike Tours and Cycling Trails
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Explore the wonders of this charming country destination a little differently through Mudgee Bike tours and cycling trails. Get into the heart of Mudgee in two wheels, make as much stop as you can to admire the view, taste the flavors, enjoy the sights and sounds. Take an easy trail for a leisurely ride or get from Mudgee to another destination for adventure.

Bikemap offers up to 55 bike routes from and around Mudgee. If you and your partner and your friends are up for some adventure. Get on your wheels and start pedaling following these recommended routes.

Take the most popular ones or the take the road less traveled and share your experience and discoveries with other bike tourists who may want to explore the same in the future.

Self-Guided Tour
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Self guided trips usually involve 3 days of cycling, generally on bitumen and quiet roads. Some sections of the daily cycles may have traffic, including trucks travelling to/from the nearby mines. The daily activities take usually two to four hours with some days having longer pedal time depending on the overall pace. Being a self-guided tour, the schedule and pace is determined by the rider.  

Before taking a bike adventure, make sure you are in a reasonable level of fitness and good health and choose only routes you care able to handle. Each tour indicates level of difficulty thus be a capable cyclist. Be prepared for potential variable weather conditions which can also add to the timing and comfort of a trip, for example riding into a head wind will take more time than when the wind is behind you.

Cycle Mudgee

Mudgee Bike Tours and Cycling Trails

Cycle Mudgee also provide a comprehensive Mudgee Bike Tours and Cycling Trails map for cyclists . So there’s always reason to come back to Mudgee just to try on different trails and routes. Visit as much attractions as you can on the way and share your experience too.

Self Guided Tour
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Of course you can’t be in Mudgee and not a have a taste of its wines. In fact, there’s a bike tour dedicated to tasting and sipping the best of the region’s produce. Mudgee Explorer Self Guided Cycle Tour travellers to fully appreciate the stunning wine region. It’s a 5-day tour to sample divine gourmet foods, pedal to historic attractions such as the Henry Lawson Memorial, soak up the lively local atmosphere, and, of course, sample exquisite wines. 

Among the highlights include Pieter van Gent winery, Lowe Winery, Mansfield wines and di Lusso Estate, and Craigmoor Wines. However, as this is a self-guided bike trip, you are free to explore at your own pace and direction.

For other Mudgee activities check out Local Experiences. As well as other dining options and wine tasting options in cellar doors and vineyards.

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