With Mudgee’s natural beauty, it is a perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. The region is a fantastic place to indulge in some physical activities including hiking, biking, kayaking, and more. Commune with nature and enjoy the scenic landscape. If you’re an outdoorsy type with an adventurous spirit, take a day or two to enjoy Mudgee outdoor adventures.

Go hiking for a scenic Mudgee outdoor adventure

The Drip Mudgee
The Drip, Image by WalkmyWorld

Discover the wonders of the Drip

The Drip is a natural sandstone rock formation reached by a 20-minute walk along a bush track. The walk trail is beautiful from beginning to end, taking you through some spectacular bushland with lush ferns.

The path to The Drip has a river on one side and the gorge wall on the other. This gives it an air of seclusion, making it feel like it’s much wider and remote than it truly is.

Here, you can here the sound of nature; the insects, birds, the rustling of the leaves as the wind blows, and the trickling and rush of water in the Goulburn Rivier which you follow all the way to the end of the track. 

Hands on Rock
Hands on Rock Mudgee

Admire the Aboriginal hand arts at Hands On Rocks

Hands on Rock is an Aboriginal rock art site made of a series of over 100 hand stencils from women and children of the Wiradjuri nation printed on the underside of a large cave.

Whilst many of the ochre paintings have sadly faded away, some have survived in remarkably good condition. The place is culturally significant to the Wiradjuri people, and was a place traditionally only for women and children.

The cave where the art is located is a few minutes drive from The Drip. To get to the cave, one has to walk 600 meters.

The Castle Rock. Image from Walkmyworld

Explore the “lost city” at Rock Castle

If you’re up for a sunset adventure, the Castle Rocks may be something you may want to explore.

The walk to get to the Castle Rocks is over 4.3km each way and takes about 40 minutes each way. The trail is easy, with flat terrain and shaded by forest. That is until you get to the rocks.

Castle Rocks is a series of rock formations scattered amongst the trees, with the main cluster being the ones you come to first. You will have to navigate through the rocks, get on short ledges and climb up some taller rocks.

If coming here at sunset, allocate a few minutes to admire the views which feel like looking over the ruins of an ancient city with the pagodas scattered throughout the bush as far as the eye can see. With soft light bathing the whole area as the sun begins to sink below the horizon, you can’t help but get mesmerised.

Ride Mudgee's Bike Trail

Bike Trail
Image by Tracklesstravelled

Located close to CBD, the Mudgee Common MTB Park is a newly refurbished bike park perfect for all levels. It also provides a number of cross country style trails throughout the base of the hill as well as four outstandingly fun downhill tracks further up.

From the access point of Common Rd, the Cross-Country Loop commences. Among the trails to explore are Elevator, a short and steep ascent, criss-crossing a mere 11 m in elevation. While 11 m may sound tiny, this small climb packs a punch. Other more challenging trails are Yeah Gnar, a 1.1 km trail that has 1m rock drop and Coolah which involves crossing a creek and jumping onto the 1.6 km climb.

If you’re looking for downhill trails, Mudgee has three! The Quarter Pounder with Cheese, The Entrance and Morewood Gully. These three runs are the backbone of Mudgee’s gravity trails and while they run alongside one another, they each display a healthy dose of uniqueness.

Paddle through and kayak

Kayaking is another popular Mudgee outdoor adventure and there are a number of places where you can take on this activity.

The most popular being the Dunn Swamp. This freshwater lake has calm waters and stunning scenery and is ideal for beginners.

The Goulburn River on the other hand elevates this experience as one paddle through the river with beautiful sceneries including steep sandstone cliffs, lush forests, and abundant wildlife. Another popular spot is the Windamere Dam a large reservoir popular as well for fishing and other watersports.

Kayaking Mudgee
Image by Walkmyworld

https://mudgee.travel/experiences-tours/Which of these Mudgee outdoor adventures will you try on your next Mudgee trip? Will you brave the walking trails and explore on foot, take on the challenge of the uphill and downhill trails on two wheels, or paddle your way through the waters around Mudgee? Check out other local activities too!. 

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