Limestone Carving Workshop by Damien Lucas

The workshop is the ultimate art and wine experience. Damien Lucas will guide you through this two-day workshop to produce your own limestone sculpture from drawings or clay sketches.


Bring to life your ideas as you visualise the sculpture from the block using the tools and methods learned during the workshop. The physical and energetic nature of the carving process means that this workshop is bound to be both challenging and fun for participants.


The workshop caters to different artistic levels, from beginners to proficient artists.


Day One is all about the carving process and possible project ideas. Then you will bring your idea to a drawing and create a clay maquette to have a better sense of the form. In the afternoon, participants start to work on the half block stone roughing it out and removing gross mass that doesn’t belong to the design.


Day Two is developing the sculpture details, adjusting proportions and overall form.

Limestone Carving Workshop Mudgee

Limestone Carving Workshop Mudgee

May 20 & 21, 2023 | 9:00am – 4:00pm

Facilitated by Damien Lucas

2-Day event at the Rosby Wines | Cellar Door, Art Gallery, Guesthouse

$350 + $65 Limestone half block

Price inclusive of workshop, tools, lunch, and Rosby wine

Requirements for the workshop

Closed shoes (preferably (preferably work boots/steel caps)

Old clothes as you will get quite dusty/dirty

Dust masks and safety goggles will be provided, but if you wish to bring your own please do.

Likewise, a selection of stone and wood carving chisels will be provided, but if you are already equipped for the process and wish to use your own tools that’s not a problem.

Drink bottle



Contact & Event Details

Rosby, 122 Strikes Lane Mudgee

0428 635 993


Website: Rosby